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Sunday, 27 January 2013

The poem that makes me the Cassandra of the United Left Alliance divorce

Cassandra (pictured) and yours truly have something in common. I agree, yes, that she had a far better dress sense that I do. That's not it. She was the figure in Greek mythology who was gifted with being able to tell the future. She was also, however, cursed so that none of her predictions, or those of her descendents, would be believed. She was not usually the bearer of good news.

This post is to mark the occasion of the death of the political marriage between the Socialist Party and the Socialist Workers Party (in the United Left Alliance). The divorce was announced last evening with the following emission from the immense brain of Socialist Party General Secretary and all round minor, international god, Kevin McLoughlin 

Below is  a link to the poem in which I predicted, two years ago, that this marriage would indeed be temporary. I have to say that, at the time, I thought the SWP would be first to leave. But there you go.

I wish Clare Daly and Joan Collins well and am sure that they'll continue to do the really great job they've been doing as TDs of late. 

The poem can be read here