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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Never Offend Unintentionally (but do buy a copy of Skylight 47)

Here is a quote from my short essay which appears in the current issue of the poetry newspaper Skylight 47:

The pretend anti-war poem is, with the absolute exception of those written by lesbians, closely related to the penis poem. I blame the Vietnam War, during which males of the species, most of whom have to this day never been to Vietnam, wrote bad poems, in which the names of Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon were taken in vain, and as a result got to do rude things to young women at the University of Connecticut. Since the 1960s this disease has spread throughout the known world.” 

The essay is titled 'Never Offend Unintentionally';  thanks to Oscar Wilde via Christopher Hitchens for the title. 

Copies of Skylight 47 can be purchased here BUY SKYLIGHT 47 
The University of Connecticut circa 1968.