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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Ziggy announces candidacy for 2014 Local Elections Galway CIty Central Ward

Ziggy, the grooviest cat in the Galway City Central Ward area, has today issued the following statement:

"I had been expecting at this time to be issuing a statement endorsing the candidacy of Kiran Emrich, the People Before Profit (aka Socialist Worker) candidate for Galway City Central Ward. Kiran Emrich seems  a most charming young man and though his proposal to replace Galway Cathedral with a similar sized statue of Dette McLoughlin always disturbed me a little, I did expect at this time to be urging my supporters to cast their first preference votes for Kiran Emrich. 

It has, though, today come to my attention that the People Before Profit movement in Galway City Central Ward remains a group whose main mode of political discourse is to again and again sign petitions in support of complete fucking eejits. It would appear indeed that the complete fucking eejit has, in the thinking of the Galway City Central People Before Profit movement, replaced the working class as the main agent of revolution in Galway City Central Ward.

Until recently, the Galway City Central People Before Profit branch was largely, when it came to local elections, a case of Councillor Colette Connolly of Labour by another name. But now, like Ernest Rohm and Adolf Hitler before them, they have tragically fallen out. You can read about that here. When I heard this news I shed the smallest tear and visited my litter box for a particularly vigorous session. 

I have long been convinced that I am Councillor Colette Connolly's intellectual superior, so I can not endorse her candidacy. Given this and the ongoing petition-signing idiocy of Galway City Central People Before Profit's leading member, I have decided to put myself forward as a candidate for Galway City Council in City Central Ward.

I have no policies at all but loads of charm. And more common sense than either of the above mentioned candidates. Of me it can be truly said, that you the voters of Galway City Central Ward can be sure that I will not sign petitions in support of every whiskered crank who thinks the City Council and Government owe them grant after grant after grant.

Below is a video which shows that I am candidate who knows his own mind.
I am urging my supporters to all give their second preferences to Councillor Billy Cameron of the Labour Party."

This message is approved by Ziggy-the-cat-for-Galway-City-Central-Ward-2014