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Monday, 10 March 2014

New poem 'Leaving The Party' published on Harry's Place current affairs website

I have a new poem, 'Leaving The Party', just published on the never controversial, UK based peacenik website Harry's Place. You can read the poem here.

In one of its stanzas the poem deals with George W. Bush's greatest crime: the fact that his foreign policy led to people writing poems in which "Iraq" was rhymed with "attack". For this, Bush should certainly be put on trial at The Hague.

More generally, the poem is about the way that left wing activists often find themselves in strange alliance with people who are, undeniably, a good deal stupider than the average reader of The Daily Express

The poem takes a pretty extreme position, a lot of which is tongue in cheek. No doubt this will be lost on many of those against whom the poem is aimed. They'll think I'm actually in the pay of the Israelis. Not to worry. There's only so much that can be done for those whose new best friend is a man called Vladimir Putin. God rest their souls.

The poem features in my new book The Ghost in the Lobby, which has its Galway Launch as part of the 2014 CĂșirt Festival of International Literature on Saturday, April 13th, 4pm at Galway Arts Centre, with Mick Wallace TD doing the launch speech.

Word is Galway Friends of Vladimir Putin are booking a mini-bus to bring them all to the launch. They could just walk but, well, they like mini-buses. And who am I to criticise anyone's sexual preference.