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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Time to put a bunsen burner to the bum of a politician near you

"She applied for a termination and was rejected. She then went on a hunger and fluid strike," a source said, see more hereAfter this news, wouldn't it be a good idea if Galway City Council, at its next meeting, passed a resolution calling for a referendum to remove the (so called but not at all) pro-life amendment to the constitution, so that we can move towards the day described in this poem 'Irish Government Minister Unveils Monument To Victims of Pro-Life Amendment'. 

It's time once more to take a Bunsen burner to the arse of every politician who likes to avoid talking about abortion. 
And the obvious place to start is locally. Meanwhile, I'm in negotiations to buy a drone which will drop rotten fish on auld ones who can't mind their own business. I'll be able to operate it from my living room sofa.
According to a recent leak from the Department of Social Protection, the government has plans to begin phasing out auld ones who can't mind their own business in the next budget, a most excellent idea. 25% will go in the first year, a further 25% in 2016, while the rest will be abolished in 2017. It's believed that the final nosey auld one, given to carrying around signs like the one pictured above, will be personally strangled by President Michael D. Higgins in the Phoenix Park during a special ceremony to mark the centenary of the Russian Revolution.