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Friday, 14 November 2014

Trafalgar Square, March - final issue of Wordlegs

Happy to have my poem Trafalgar Square, March included in the final, retrospective issue of Wordlegs
This last issue contains my personal favourite pieces from wordlegs. I re-read the whole journal to pick them and in doing this, I can see my own development as a reader and editor. I had intended to breeze through the last issue, make life easy on myself but that backfired. It was so hard to narrow down my favourite pieces to the ones here. We've had some amazing work in wordlegs and some fantastic writers have featured. My favourites may not be your favourites and feel free to add to the list when I post details to our social media sites and share, share, share what you've enjoyed from or about wordlegs.” Elizabeth Reapy, Editor @ Wordlegs