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Friday, 12 December 2014

Peadar Kirby Tells Us To Cop On To Ourselves

The man beside Noam Chomsky in the photo is Peadar Kirby, who today did the dirty on the anti-water charges movement by publishing this article.

Last time I saw Peadar Kirby he was defending the dictatorship of Mr Fidel Castro in the Atlanta Hotel, Galway circa 1992. It is significant when someone is both soft on dictators, such as Mr Castro, and dismissive of a mass movement, such as the anti-water charges campaign.  Really, what his likes believe is that the process of achieving change should be left to people like him, and if change comes it should be managed by a regime of people like him. He's not the first to think this way, and won't be the last. The amusing thing is the way an actual mass movement is now flushing his likes out from under their stones.

People like Peadar want the protests to stop so that he can go back to feeling morally superior, and of course complaining at dinner parties that, unlike the French, the Irish never protest. Peadar thinks that people should stop protesting, go home, and leave talking about the great issues to serious fellas like, you guessed it, Peadar Kirby.

At the moment every government bum boy (and girl) on the internet is busily sharing Peadar's article. If it comes your way, just ask the person who shared it why they are uncritically sharing an article by a declared fan of the dictatorship of Mr Fidel Castro who, of course, would hate a mass movement of tens of thousands of people, now wouldn't he. No surprise there.

Psychiatrists recommend that anyone who takes Peadar Kirby seriously should put their head down the loo and flush repeatedly. The treatment works, if done rigorously enough.

For more about the potential long term consequences of Peadar Kirby see here.