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Monday, 16 March 2015

Eoghan Harris erection shows no sign of subsiding

750 (approximately) civilians were killed in the 25 years of the Northern Irish troubles; that's excluding members of the British Army, RUC, Republican, and Loyalist paramilitaries. 500 people have committed suicide in the 7 years since 2008 because of issues linked to economic crash. 500. For details see here.

There'll be no screaming headline from next week's Sunday Indo about that statistic, no shrill whine on the inside pages from Irish O'Hanlawn. Of that we can rest assured.

These 500 suicides were brought to you by sensible policies for a better Ireland. Policies which have been road tested and fully approved by Stephen Collins of the Irish Times.

Sensible Stephen
But in more positive news: the tiny erection which Eoghan Harris has been experiencing since he heard about Lucy Kryton setting up her new party shows no signs of subsiding.