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Monday, 21 March 2016

"As we approach the centenary of the Easter Rising, Kevin Higgins lets rip at the state of poetry and politics in Ireland"

A slightly shortened version of my article Poetically Charged Charged News Cycles, which first appeared shortly before Christmas in the U.S. based poetry magazine The Raintown Review was yesterday re-published under the new title of Poets, Presidents and Politics on the U.K. based left wing political-cultural website Culture Matters. Among many other things I discuss the "desperate rush on to find the next acceptable face of Irish poetry".

The article was originally commissioned by Quincy Lehr for The Raintown Review.

Not everyone who is mentioned favourably in this article agrees with its sentiments. However, it is my understanding that everyone who is criticised in it secretly agrees with everything I say about them.
Picture of slice of Black Forest gateau in memory of the slice of same now
President Michael D. Higgins bought me in 1982. Read article for significance.