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Saturday, 25 January 2014

5C Vicarage Parade, Tottenham, London N15

I have a new poem 'To A Smarties Mug' which is superficially about, well, a tea/coffee mug which once lived at 5C Vicarage Parade, Tottenham, London N15. It's about a lot more than that of course.

Anyone who ever lived at, or visited, said address should buy a copy of Skylight 47 poetry paper, in which the poem is just published, and immediately consult his or her solicitor. 

The poem may also be of interest to those who know the Tottenham area. 

Or even if you're unlucky enough to have never been to Tottenham, you may still be interested in buying a copy of the current issue of Skylight 47 which can be purchased here via Paypal at a most reasonable price.