Saturday, 12 April 2014

Anti-Austerity Alliance and the Boob Adjusters

This is Thomas Carty. Thomas is from Tullamore, which isn't his fault. He is also a staunch and vocal opponent of abortion rights, which absolutely is his fault, and makes him a rather odd candidate to be seeking election under the banner of the new Socialist Party front, the Anti-Austerity Alliance. Thomas is a supporter of the Pro Life Socialists group who are, well, certainly complete gobshites if not actual fascists. 

Here is an image the 'Pro Life Socialists', who Thomas Carty is happy to associate with, recently posted online. Kitty Holland is the journalist who broke the story of Savita Halappanavar's death in the Autumn of 2012.
Politically, Thomas Carty is one of the smaller and blunter knives in the drawer; the type of fella who's probably good at shtuffing leaflets through letter boxes into the mouths of angry dogs of various sizes and political persuasions, without getting the tops of his fingers bitten off in the proccess.

But an election candidate, seriously? Questions regarding apparent political contradiction should be addressed to Cllr. Ruth Coppinger, to Joe Higgins TD, and to Paul Murphy MEP who are all urging the people of Tullamore to give Thomas Carty their number one votes. 

Thomas Carty is significantly to the right of Offaly Fianna Fail TD Barry Cowen on the issue of abortion rights. Yet Ruth Coppinger, Joe Higgins, and Paul Murphy are all urging the people of Tullamore to vote for him. No, you haven't lost your mind. You did actually read those words. 

And there's more: here is a photo election candidate Thomas Carty of the Anti-Austerity Alliance recently shared on Facebook.
He added his own comment that this was the "job for Carty" i.e. himself, election candidate Thomas Carty. I have no more words.

If you live in Tullamore, remember to vote in the local elections,
because if you don't vote, some peculiar anti-abhortionist might win.

And now a relevant poem from my new collection The Ghost In The Lobby which has its Galway launch tomorrow.