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Monday, 14 April 2014

Was It Something I Said? Candidate Dumped By Anti-Austerity Alliance

He is not a candidate for the AAA. When his sexism and vocal anti-choice positions became known, the national AAA meeting did not ratify his application to be a candidate.”  
Laura Fitzgerald of The Socialist Party 
The Anti-Austerity Alliance (aka The Socialist Party-lite) was thrown into crisis today following the revelation on this blog on Saturday that one of its local election candidates, the above pictured Mr Thomas Carty of the parish of Tullamore, is well to the right of your average common-or-garden member of Ballymagash Urban District Council on the issue of abhortion.
He also, rather tragically, fantasises about getting a job as a "boob adjuster". For the full article see here

Today the story went a bit viral, as the kids say, with much discussion on Farcebook and on left leaning blogs.

Now, just over 48 hours after the original article appeared Laura Fitzgerald of the Socialist Party has said on Facebook that Mr Carty is no longer an AAA candidate. No doubt an official statement confirming this will follow. Or perhaps a press conference. Joe Higgins, Ruth Coppinger and Paul Murphy saying "boob adjusters" has the potential, surely, to become a Youtube classic.

As for Thomas Carty, the hot money is on him now becoming a candidate for the sometimes slightly fascist conspiracists of Direct Democracy Ireland. 

And now a poem about another daft eejit who shouldn't bother with politics but does. It's from my newly launched collection The Ghost in the Lobby.