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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Irish Times to change its name

In a blog article just published Adrienne Corless accuses The Irish Times of misrepresenting her mother, Catherine Corless, in their reporting of the Tuam Babies scandal. Adrienne Corless's article goes into some forensic detail. Read it for yourself here.

The paper's Features Editor, Mr Conor Goodboy, has responded on Twitter, dutifully typing the words: "We stand over the article" and going on to entirely refute Adrienne Corless's detailed blog post in sixteen devastating syllables: "I've looked at Adrienne's post and can't accept her criticisms."  It's clear that Conor Goodboy is one of the great polemicists, up there with Edmund Burke and Labour TD for Dublin South West, Mr Eamonn Maloney.

Where others would have wasted their time doing a point by point refutation of Adrienne Corless's very detailed article, Conor Goodboy simply says that Ms Corless has it wrong and then goes on to refute not one of the points she makes.

On foot of this, it has been announced just now that the Irish Times is to change its name from this coming Monday to the Irish Daily Sport.
President Michael D. Higgins has issued a decree that, in acknowledgment of his contribution to Irish journalism, Conor Goodboy is to be wrapped from head to toe in old copies of The Irish Times and dropped from the top of Carrauntoohil, after first having had his buttocks worthily massaged by Dr Maureen Gaffney at an undisclosed location in Rathgar. 

And now an auld poem in which I mention The Irish Times