Friday, 3 May 2013

Funeral Arrangements for Kevin Higgins

This book is launched in Charlie Byrne's Bookshop next Thursday (May 9th, 6.30pm). It includes my poem 'Necessary Arrangements' in which I outline my wishes for my own funeral. One of these is that this song should be played at an appropriate moment

CONTRIBUTORS: Guinn Batten, Eoin Bourke, Eva Bourke, Edward Boyne, Ken Bruen, Megan Buckley, Sandra Bunting, Patricia Byrne, Laura Ann Caffrey, Moya Cannon, Louis de Paor, Theo Dorgan, Noel Duffy, Susan Millar DuMars, Trish Finnan, Ndrek Gjini, Michael Gorman, Eamon Grennan, Gerard Hanberry, James Harpur, Aideen Henry, Kevin Higgins, Rita Ann Higgins, Dillon Johnston, Hugo Kelly, Thomas Kilroy, Susan Lanigan, Irina Ruppo Malone, Molly McCloskey, Mike McCormack, Conor Montague, John Montague, Pete Mullineaux, Val Nolan, Mary O’Malley, Christian O’Reilly, Ruth Quinlan, Thomas Dillon Redshaw, Moya Roddy, Ailbhe Slevin, Jordan Smith, Deirdre Sullivan, Áine Tierney, Eamonn Wall, Christian Wallace, David Wheatley, and Vincent Woods.

The book can be purchased here  
 slightly gratuitous picture of Pol Pot
(this will make more sense after you've listened to the song at the link above)

 A coffin: personally I'd go for a cheaper one than this