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Saturday, 25 May 2013

If Only Hell Existed: Colm Keaveney, Frank Prendergast & Stevie Coughlan

Colm Keaveney and friend

The Limerick Pogrom, sometimes called the Limerick Boycott, was an economic boycott waged against the small Jewish community in Limerick City during 1904. It was started by the rantings of Redemptorist priest Father John Creagh.  During the course of the boycott it is estimated that eighty Jewish people were forced to leave their homes. 

You can read more about it here

The disgusting creep that was Father John Creagh is long dead. It is, to paraphrase what Christopher Hitchens said of Jerry Falwell, unfortunate indeed that there isn’t a Hell for him to burn in eternally.

Fast forward to 1970. Stevie Coughlan was Mayor of Limerick and also a Labour T.D. He was a man famed for his verbal incontinence. Some people liked to describe him as ‘outspoken’; others  preferred to call him that thick shit-head from Limerick.

In a speech, Stevie opened his famed orifice and the following came out: “Father Creagh acted as a Catholic, and I say here and now that he took a very wise step and a very wise move when he created the bank [the Credit Union] with 170 members, and as a result of his action we now have the beautiful credit movement today. The fire must be started - early or late – and it was Father Creagh who started it, to expose these extortionists [i.e. the Jews].

Coughlan went on to describe the Jews of early twentieth century Limerick as: “warble fly bloodsuckers”.  

For more, read this archived article from The Limerick Leader

Jim Kemmy demanded that the Labour Party expel Coughlan; the national leadership refused to do so.

Coughlan lost his Dáil seat in the 1977 General Election and is now also, unfortunately, not in Hell.

A few years later, another Limerick Labour candidate, Frank Prendergast, continued this reactionary tradition when he campaigned and was elected on an anti-abortion platform, unseating the pro-choice Jim Kemmy who was by then a T.D. representing Limerick on behalf of his Democratic Socialist Party.

Prendergast supported the 1983 anti-abortion amendment to the constitution; he also voted against the introduction of divorce in 1986.

He was swept away in the 1987 general election but is, unfortunately, still alive. Somewhere in darkest Limerick, Frank Prendergast lurks.

He will no doubt be delighted at the remarks by Labour T.D. for Galway East, Colm Keaveney who today has done his bit to breathe a little life into the rancid corpse that is Labour Catholicism. 

Keaveney has announced that he will be voting against the Government’s X-Case Abortion Legislation. He has never previously said much about the issue. But, now, in the great tradition of Stevie Coughlan and Frank Prendergast, Colm Keaveney has opened his gob and talk has flowed out:

“The main points of concern that I have with the Bill are mainly contained in Head 4 – those relating to the risk of loss of life from self-destruction, i.e. suicide. There are a number of grounds upon which my concerns rest.

The idea that a baby, as anticipated in the Heads of Bill, would be intentionally delivered prematurely, which would leave it at risk of disability, and placed in an incubator under the care of the State is seems somewhat dystopian to me. Minister of State, Alex White, confirmed this understanding during his closing remarks to the Health Committee on Tuesday evening. However, neither he nor the Minister for Health have been able to provide any detail about how the welfare of such infants would be secured, including their welfare into adulthood with any disability that may arise from such an early delivery as is envisaged by this legislation.”

You can read the full article
Perhaps poor Colm has found Jesus on the road to Belclare or in a cheap B&B near Tuam?  Or perhaps he thinks there could be a few votes in this from poor auld eejits who sell rosary beads door to door in Mountbellew?

According to Associated Press when he heard what came out of Colm Keaveney today, Beelzebub fetched Stevie Coughlan, who received the news with ecstasy and celebrated by masturbating over a colour photograph of Father Michael Cleary.