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Friday, 10 May 2013

"in a Wallace-controlled Ireland women could be free to have an abortion in all circumstances"

Ger Walsh of the Wexford People is one of the intellectual giants of this (or any other) century. This week Ger proves that there is more to him than his immense and always very active brain. He is also perhaps Wexford's greatest comedian since Brendan Corish's skeleton graced the set of Hall's Pictorial Weekly. In his column in this week's Skibbereen Eagle Wexford People he uses his razor wit to expose the threat to the morals of the women of Ireland posed by Deputy Mick Wallace, who since February 2011 has been a T.D. for the Wexford Constituency.

So, in a Wallace- controlled Ireland, women could be free to have an abortion in all circumstances if they unexpectedly became pregnant. For example, a woman might be due to go on an exclusive foreign holiday but an unexpected pregnancy could interfere with her plan and how she might look on the beach. Or there could be an unexpected pregnancy in the run up to a family wedding, ruining the chances of fitting into a very expensive dress. Under Mick Wallace’s proposals it could be open to both women in these hypothetical situations to abort their babies."

Ger Walsh is, as you can see, a very funny man. In some quarters he is now being spoken of as Wexford's answer to Ant and Dec. In other quarters he is not being spoken of at all.

A couple of week's ago Mick Wallace published my poem 'Alternative Proposals' on his website: . In it I make helpful suggestions as to how one of the issues concerning the government's abortion legislation might be resolved.

The Catholic hierarchy are calling on the faithful to assemble this weekend in Wexford for a marathon rosary saying session to ward off the deadly threat of "a Wallace- controlled Ireland". It is understood that both Joe Higgins T.D. and Seamus O'Brien of New Ross People Before Profit Alliance have offered the hierarchy's stand against "a Wallace- controlled Ireland" their critical support. It is not known, however, what prayers, if any, they will be saying.