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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Guest post by Quincy R. Lehr: 'The Secret Adventures Of Carlos Danger'

Quincy R. Lehr


               I start to fuck you so hard your tits almost hit you in the face.   
               You reach behind and spread your ass.

                        --former congressman Anthony Weiner

Who is the incognito
    man behind the phone,
the shape made out of pixels,
    the bone that's not a bone?

You always liked a challenge
    and running up the score
and gave a both/and answer
    instead of either/or.

No Carmen Sandiego--
    the flag's beside the point.
Fire another rocket
    and roll another joint

as settlements, like roaches,
    crowd against a street
in multitudes, exploding
    in artificial heat--

a Palestinian village
    or mercenary dive
that lands you straight in prime-time
    this thing is going live

like money shots in Quicktime.
    The leader grasps his rod
to satisfy  a stranger,
    enact the will of God,

and underneath the scepter,
    danger is displaced.
A baby's born in London.
    A leader is disgraced.

Whence the hooded axeman
    as Henry's wretched freight
sent his wives' eyes wandering
    towards men of lesser weight?

Where's Catherine in the saddle
    or Caesar in his bed?
Where can we find a Borgia
    to give us daily bread?

Carlos--you're more foolish
    than even we suspect,
on Friday almost frisky,
    the next day circumspect.

Another lucky lady
    forlornly at your side
mouths pieties to newsmen.
    The viewers will decide.

Quincy R. Lehr is the author of several poetry collections, most recently Shadows and Gifts (Barefoot Muse Press, 2013). His poetry and criticism have appeared in numerous journals in North America, Europe, and Australia, and he lives in Brooklyn, where he is the associate editor of The Raintown Review and co-curates the long-running Carmine Street Metrics series.