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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Labour Market Activation Measures

Following the announcement of the cut in Job Seekers Allowance for new applicants under twenty six years of age, the Department of Social Protection in conjunction with FÁS has announced a range of measures to enable unemployed young people who do not enjoy the financial support of their families to come up with ways of supplementing their reduced income.

During the next week FÁS will roll out schemes to train Job Seekers under the age of twenty six as sex workers and drug dealers.
Well known Buddhist, Richard Gere, becoming seperated from his shirt in a film about a young lad who makes a few quid servicing ladies of a certain vintage and class. Other fellas would have sat around complaining; he got up off his arse, or sometimes got on it, and did something.
A job seeker under the age of twenty six ready to engage in free enterprise with a sweaty, fat fella from up the country.
Another job seeker under the age of twenty six; he's the one without the shirt.
And yet another young Irish person, proving that Ruari Quinn is right when he says that Government doesn't create jobs and that the consumer is always right. 

FÁS is now looking for tutors to assist in this scheme. If interested send your CV to 
Baldoyle Industrial Estate, 
Dublin 13

For further details Tel: +353 (0)1 8167400 

Picture of Eamonn Gilmore and Labour Chief Whip, Emmett Stagg who, unlike Mrs Thatcher, are both still alive.
A poem dedicated to Mick Wallace T.D. who, when speaking on this issue in the Dáil yesterday, quoted Lou Reed. My poem mentions one particular sex worker. I don't have any about drug dealers. Sorry.