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Monday, 29 July 2013

Taking Requests For Golden Oldies, Obscure Classics, Or Poems That Just Annoy The Hell Out Of You

I have published three poetry collections with Salmon Poetry to date: The Boy With No Face in 2005, Time Gentlemen, Please in 2008 & most recently Frightening New Furniture in 2010.

My next collection of poems, The Ghost In The Lobby, will be published (also by Salmon) early next year.

Over the next few weeks I will publish ONE poem from each of my three published collections on this blog, starting with a poem from my debut The Boy With No Face.

Which poem do you think it should be? I'm talking requests here. What is your most or (even) least favourite poem from The Boy With No Face. Be it a golden oldie, an obscure classic, or a poem that really annoys you but which you'd like to see published and discussed online because you secretly like being annoyed, let me know at and the collective weight of public opinion will be my command.