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Monday, 8 July 2013

The Constant Markievicz Conspiracy

On Thursday evening Tom D'Arcy of Direct Democracy Ireland appeared to make a bit of a gom of himself on the Nine O'Clock News. He revealed to a startled nation that Constant Markievicz was, contrary to popular belief, a man and didn't die in 1927 but was shot by the British on St. Stephen's Green on some unspecified date, which may or may not have been 1916. 

My poem Alternative History: Constance Markievicz Gets A Sex Change is published on Irish Left Review

Rhona McCord, who works in a certain insitution on Dublin's Kildare Street, suggested that Tom D'Arcy's revised version of Irish History might be the subject of a poem. So, the poem is dedicated to Rhona. A person of the same surname, a James McCord, was one of the the Watergate burglers. The connections are obvious. David Icke, Jim Corr and members of Direct Democracy Ireland will draw their own conclusions...

Constant is picture below (before the sex change operation) when he was still a she and went by the name of Constance.