Friday, 13 December 2019

It's loud and it's tasteless and I've heard it before

Jeremy Corbyn on a picket line during the 1984-85 miners' strike
The defeat on Thursday will be seized upon by all the gathering forces of reaction - many of them claiming to be 'progressives' or 'soft-left' - to try and permanently destroy the reborn socialist movement, not just in the UK but elsewhere in Europe and especially in the US. The forces of reaction - from the BBC to the editors of the Guardian, the New York Times, and the Irish Times to Alistair Campbell, Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu, Eoghan Harris, Mock the Week and Fintan O'Toole - want all of the young people inspired by the essential, the vital socialism of Corbyn, Sanders and others around Europe to give up and drop out of political activity, to become sour and cynical like all reactionaries-pretending-to-be-soft-left are.  

Fintan O'Toole receiving yet another award from the Irish establishment
Such people want parties such as the UK Labour Party to go back to being empty shells with hardly any active members, which are vehicles for the careers of future Tony Blairs, so that even when parties such as the Tories (or Republicans in the US) lose an election, the people who gave us the banking crash, the Iraq War, climate change, and poor people dying young because they are poor have another political party through which to perpetuate their rule.

These people will stop at nothing in the next few days and their friends in the Arts establishment - people I'm all too familiar with because of my area of work- will join in as joyfully as teenage boys who've been let into their first orgy. 
The devil is on the prowl this weekend and he (or she) is pretending to be a "soft-left" "progressive" because he wants your help making politics safe for his owners i.e. the people who are destroying the planet. You can help the devil if you want to, I won't. In the words of David Bowie: "It's loud and it's tasteless and I've heard it before." And I will do everything I can to resist it.
Jacob Rees Mogg with the next Tony Blair.