Sunday, 12 July 2015

The disgust of Colette Browne

The usually liberal, left of centre journalist Colette Browne of The Irish Independent thinks that this poem includes a "disgusting slur" against Enda Kenny, and is spending time on Twitter being outraged about it. 

Funny thing to be outraged about, tonight of all nights. Liberals, sure where would we be without them. Pretty much where we are actually

"Never sees an enemy coming
without immediately offering them
another piece of the country,
before they’ve even put
the ultimatum in writing;
when he urged the Greek people
to follow his example, geologists say
on an island off the coast of Brittany
Marshal Petain’s willy twitched
awake in its grave and began whispering
to itself in perfect High German,
that the good old days
are here again."