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Sunday, 29 March 2015

'Bacon, Chips, and Beans' for Lewis Peacock - TUSC general election candidate for Edmonton

My poem 'Bacon, Chips, and Beans', the form of which is inspired by Colette Bryce's 'When I Land In Northern Ireland', is just published on the often controversial UK based political website Harry's Place.  

The poem is specially dedicated to Lewis Peacock, the Trade Union & Socialist Coalition candidate for Edmonton in the upcoming UK General Election, which takes place on Thursday, May 7th.  I recruited Lewis to politics back in the Summer of 1990, all of twenty five years ago, and it's been great to see him not grow up politically.
Lewis Peacock, the candidate who views the world from a different angle
There have already been serious consequences on foot of the publication of this poem; Steve Hedley, assistant General Secretary of the RMT union, has unfriended me on Farcebook having informed me that Harry's Place is "a Zionist site" and, that being the case, he does not wish to be associated with me if I am in any way associated with it. I would ask that myself and the cat be allowed the privacy to grieve Steve Hedley's passing from my Farcebook friend's list. It is a difficult time for all concerned, obviously.
RMT Assistant General Secretary Steve Hedley
On a more positive note, my Twitter campaign to get the Trade Union & Socialist Coalition to adopt Fleetwood Mac's Tusk as its General Election theme song is going well, with many comrades expressing support.