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Friday, 3 April 2015

Aborted babies heating British Hospitals?

Cora Sherlock, Vice Chairperson of the Irish Pro-Life Campaign, is, as the Weekly Standard once said of Sinéad O'Connor's ex-boyfriend, John Waters, "one of the most original thinkers in Europe right now".  

On April 1st Cora issued the following audacious Tweet 
Despite the date, it was not an April fool, at least not consciously so. Indeed it's nothing Cora hasn't said before. When Cora said similiar on Twitter late last summer, it let me to write 'Renewable Energy: Cora Sherlock’s Excellent Suggestion', a constructive contribution to the ongoing abortion/renewable energy debate, written in poetic form. It was originally published on Chris Murray's always lively Poethead site. 

Cora's April fools day resurrection of the issue on Twitter resulted in this article, in which both Cora's excellent suggestion and my poem feature, being published yesterday on the U.S. based left wing political blog We Know What's Up.  

It appears that Cora is a bit miffed by all this, and thinks I'm joking. 

I can assure you Cora, me auld mucker, I am quite, quite serious.