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Monday, 1 June 2015

To Denis O’Brien On Announcement of His Plan To Donate Own Corpse To Museum of Himself

Maltese based Irish entrepreneur, and friend of Bill and Hillary, Mr Denis O'Brien, has lately been the subject of a lot of entirely unjustified criticism from the usual commie/Provo fascists who most of the time exist only in the darker parts of Eoghan Harris's mind but who lately, all across Ireland, have taken on actual physical form.
Actual physical form
In this hour of his need, it's time for decent men and women of all persuasions and none to step forward and defend Mr O'Brien who, after all, has an Honorary Doctorate from U.C.D. and, as everyone knows, no one with an Honorary Doctorate from U.C.D. could ever be capable of doing evil.

Irish Independent 'journalist' and former O'Brien assistant, Sarah Carey, was thinking of writing an article defending Denis. 
Sarah Carey
But it was generally agreed that that would just be tearing the arse out of it

So, in Ms Carey's absence, I decided yesterday that it was time I stepped up and wrote a tribute poem for Mr O'Brien.

Feel free to re-publish it on blogs, or indeed to go about the place shouting it out of megaphones at effete lyric poets who think all this could be solved by proper ethics legislation.