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Friday, 15 July 2016

Minor Farts In A Much Bigger Storm

Danuta Kean is a loud online supporter of the neo-Blairite attempted coup against Jeremy Corbyn. Danuta supports denying the 150,000 people who joined the Labour Party recently a vote; she supports the ban on Constituency Labour Parties meeting until September.

When challenged on these issues Danuta says this sort of thing [to me] "You have officially tipped over into fascism. Orwell would be shocked to know you can spell when you clearly can't think for yourself." These days every clown on Earth, from Tony Parsons to Nick Cohen's cat starts digging up George Orwell's corpse when trying to justify their support for something horrible, such as the UK Independence Party or the imposition of martial law in the British Labour Party.

Despite the fact that Danuta clearly has no idea that fascism actually means the sort of atrocities pictured below, she is taken seriously by some, most of all by herself. She is books editor of Mslexia magazine and the sort of person literary types of not much discernible talent think it cool to stay on the good side of. 
What fascists actually do, given the chance
An important thing to remember about people like Danuta is that they essentially don't matter, their opinions are just small gusts of wind, minor farts, in a much bigger storm. 

Such unpleasant expulsions of air are proof though that some people in and around  the media and literary world in the UK are becoming a little (ahem) emotional at the possibility of no more frothy coffees in Brighton in post-Brexit Britain. They despise the people of the North East of England and South Wales who, though I would have supported remain myself, voted for Brexit for entirely understandable reasons. Frothy coffee in Brighton is one thing, but something else altogether when consumed in Gateshead or Merthyr Tydfil.

Many of these types have, in their usual shallow attention seeking way, leapt up to support the attempted coup against Jeremy Corbyn. The fact that, when interviewed on The Last Leg,  he said that he was “7 or 7 ½ out of 10” in favour of the European Union has infuriated the poor darlings. When I took an online test during the referendum campaign it told me that I was 6/10 in favour of the EU. So I understand Jeremy’s hesitation at giving the EU the 10/10 which was the only answer that was going to satisfy the aforementioned metropolitan midget-brains. How anyone could be as enthusiastic as they appear to be about EU after said institution’s attempt, just last summer, to starve the people and democratically elected government into submission by strangling the Greek banking system is beyond me. If you give the EU 10/10 after that then, I’m sorry, but you are part of what’s wrong with the world right now.

Argument makes no difference to such people. They are so far gone that they believe that sending Chuka Umunna to Sunderland and Swansea to tell the good people of those cities how globalisation is actually good for them would have swung the referendum for Remain.
Devilishly handsome Blairite dreamboat Chuka Umunna
Such a strategy would, I’m pretty sure, have led to an even bigger vote for Brexit.

Now, this tragic band of Julie Burchill wannabees want to put things right by replacing Jeremy Corbyn with someone such as the dreadful Angela Eagle or that guy with the Welsh accent no one has heard of yet. They want a leader of the Labour Party who talks against austerity a bit in opposition, though not too loudly, and then implements it in office. For this is what will happen if the coup attempt against Jeremy Corbyn is successful. 

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