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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Councillor Keen Peter & Rahoonery

This month, to wide acclaim, the Irish government finally granted Travellers the status of an ethnic minority.

Rahoon is an area in Galway City which lent its name to ‘Rahoonery’ - see - following a prolonged anti-Traveller  protest in the area in the late 1960s.

Cllr Peter Keane is a member of Galway City Council. Last week Cllr Keen's minions put a newsletter through every door in the area which appeared to some residents to be an effort to stir up a bit of latter day Rahoonery. Cllr. Keane turning up in this way is a little surprising as he represents the neighbouring ward and actually lives on Taylor’s Hill, traditionally the most exclusive street in Galway City.  

As Cllr Keen is clearly in need of a creative writing class, I have gone to the trouble of rewriting the relevant part of his newsletter in order to make the meaning clearer for the common or garden gobshite. The Cookie Monster pyjamas referred to belong to me, Kevin Higgins.

Cllr Keen’s original is below my rewrite. 
 Keen Peter's lesser-pinstriped original