Saturday, 7 November 2020

The perfect stocking filler for Chistmas 2020: Negative Thoughts That Helped One Man Mostly Retain His Sanity During 2020

The perfect stocking filler for Christmas 2020

In a mix of poetry and prose Kevin Higgins takes a darkly humorous approach to finding himself designated one of the “vulnerable” during the year in which plague again stalked the Earth. He also, as is his way, finds time to drop acerbic comment on the heads of the ungood and the ungreat, and to comment in a fairly unrestrained fashion on world affairs. This is the ideal Christmas or Birthday present for Irish Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan and for those who, when the time comes, hope to be invited to Kevin’s funeral. It is also the perfect gift for the posh liberal in your life.

Just published by Nuascéalta.

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