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Friday, 26 September 2014

Our movement will be henceforth called Death to Bruce Forsyth

I have a rather elaborately titled poem, 'Manifesto of The Last International: Address To The Men and Women of Waterlooville, May 2014', in the just launched issue 4 of Skylight 47. The poem is my attempt to update Leon Trotsky's 1938 Transitional Programme. Traditional values in a modern setting, and all that. It was written one night with a little inspiration and editorial advice from a Mr Darrell Kavanagh and a Mr Quincy Lehr. 

The first thing was to decide what our new political movement should be called, going forward, as we prepare to lead the toiling masses to power. And thus it was: "Our movement will be henceforth called / Death to Bruce Forsyth." 

The issue also includes many fine poems; an interview with Dani Gill, Director of the Cuirt International Festival of Literature; a poetry masterclass with Mary O'Donnell; an opinion piece by Pat McMahon; and reviews of Maeve O’Sullivan by Noelle Lynskey, Billy Ramsell by Tom Lavelle, and Jean Kavanagh by Breda Wall Ryan.

You can purchase the magazine here.